You can import your third-party portfolio in a Comma Separated Values (.csv) file format from your local drive. Your portfolio Excel file should contain at least two columns, one representing the asset's symbol, and another for the corresponding number of shares. There can be two optional columns representing purchase price and purchase date. The first row (column name) of the worksheet will be ignored. Here are few things you should know before importing:

1.Please make sure your import file is similar to the example below.

2. Your file may have other data, but it will be ignored.

3. To convert your Excel file to CSV format simply save it as (CSV) Comma Delimited file as below

4. If you want to import any cash, specify its symbol as $CASH and Price as 1.

5. Make sure you import Sell transactions for positions that have enough quantity to be sold..

6. You can import assets up to the maximum number of positions per your current license agreement.

You can download a sample file which can be imported in your portfolio for your reference below.