To create your portfolios on Macroaxis, you first must be a registered user of There are multiple ways you can orginate your portfolio. The simplies way is to enter your postions or transactions manualy. However we suggest that you use our optimized templates or simply let us suggest portfolio for you based on your risk tolerance and return expectations. 

Below are instructions on how to quicly create a portfolio 

  1. Login to your account. 
  2. Click on the "Add Portfolio" link or button. 
  3. When the 'Add Portfolio" appears type in the name of your portfolio. This is the only required field. 
  4. Click OK button. 
  5. The new portfolio will be created for you with some equieties suggested by Macroaxis.

This is your starting point. Even though you will see a lot of fields and options on "Add Portfolio" dialog, all these parameters are completely optional. As you become more familiar with Macroaxis Platform, you will be able to use these attributes to better manage your investments.